Aerial view of NHS campus - labelled (May 2013).

Aerial view of NHS campus (May 2013)

Located in the remote northwestern county of Kenya, Nakwamekwi High School (NHS) is envisioned to be a private co-educational boarding school comprising of Forms 1-4 (Grades 9-12) and offering the Kenyan Ministry of Education secondary school curriculum. The 6-hectare (15-acre) school campus will provide 320 students (160 girls and 160 boys) from the Turkana County and beyond a safe and nurturing educational and living environment, in addition to staff housing for 12 teachers.

NHS is currently being built! So far, in addition to drilling the water borehole and installing the hand-pump, 8 school buildings have been constructed. We finished the construction of the  library/computer lab in September 2016. In 2017, we started constructing the water tower to enable distribution of potable water throughout the school campus, which we completed in 2018. The school fence was also constructed in 2018-19. The construction of a power house and staff housing, as well as equipping the school is still planned. Due to the COVID pandemic in 2021, all remaining construction projects have since been postponed and will resume once the situation stabilizes.

Watch this space as we continue to develop our school and website!