Instructional focus

The school will aim to prepare students for the completion of secondary school and success in achieving the Kenyan Certificate in Secondary Education (KCSE).  The KCSE has a minimum of seven subjects. The subjects proposed to be offered at Nakwamekwi High are listed in Table 1. All eleven subjects listed below are mandatory for students in Forms 1 and 2. For grading, Forms 3 and 4 candidates must take all three compulsory subjects, at least two sciences, one humanities and at least one practical or technical subject. The school year (January 1 – December 31) is divided into three terms, each thirteen weeks long, with one-month breaks in between. The KCSE examination is taken over October and November and the results are released in February the following year.

In addition to the examinable subjects listed in Table 1, Nakwamekwi High will also offer Physical Education as part of the school curriculum, as well as extracurricular activities, allowing students to excel in their own unique ways. Students will participate in physical activity on a regular basis, promoting healthy exercise and healthy living. Physical activity also aims to build character, promote team building and working as a member of a team. Studies show that physical activity is linked to improved academic performance. Enhanced brain function, energy levels, body builds/perceptions, self-esteem, and behavior have all been attributed to physical activity and to improved academic performance. Students at Nakwamekwi High will have the opportunity to participate in sports such as football (soccer), basketball/netball, volleyball and track and field, while music, dance, and drama groups will provide other outlets for students to express their creative and physical energy.  Nakwamekwi High also envisions being equipped with a games room, including table tennis and board games such a chess and draught (checkers) to stimulate strategic thinking.