School Motto  

Together Everyone Achieves More! – TEAM

We are all capable of overcoming insurmountable hardships. The school’s motto, “Together Everyone Achieves More – TEAM!”, serves as a motivational message that if we work together, anything is possible.

Mission statement

Nakwamekwi High is committed to helping students realize their full potential within a safe, supportive and interactive learning environment so that they will be confident to take on life’s challenges and become contributing citizens in our local and global communities. As part of its mission to prepare global citizens, Nakwamekwi High is committed to being a “Green” school and strives to be a leader in providing a healthy environment for students and staff while promoting ecological sustainability.

School Vision

NHS strives to create a community of engaged lifelong learners who are self-aware, caring, and connected to each other and responsible in their decision-making.

School Values

The values promoted at Nakwamekwi High seek to instill PRIDE in students, teachers and the school community as a whole.









School Philosophy

Every student deserves a quality education in a safe and supportive learning environment. At Nakwamekwi High, each student will be given the opportunity to discover and develop his/her strengths and talents, to be the best he/she can be and help others do the same. Students, teachers, parents, and community members alike will work together in a collaborative and collective spirit to ensure that each student realizes his/her full potential. We strive to be inclusive of all people. With this in mind, we respectfully regard faith-based matters as the responsibility of individuals and their families and communities. Smaller class sizes (maximum 40 students per class) cater to diverse learning needs and styles, and interactive and participatory methods of education/instruction enhance learning.

Nakwamekwi High promotes alternative means of discipline, opposing the use of corporal punishment. Discipline is important and schools have a strong role in teaching students to be self-disciplined. When students are self-disciplined, they understand a situation, make proper decisions about their behavior and behave appropriately when unsupervised by adults. At Nakwamekwi High, we believe that effective discipline is primarily a matter of instruction rather than punishment. In this regard, Nakwamekwi High has an established code of conduct and clear behavioral expectations and guidelines, which encourage disciplinary consequences that are meaningful to students and have an instruction and reflection component.