Brief update on progress…

The construction of Nakwamekwi High School began during the last quarter of 2010, after conducting a hydro-geological survey of the school plot and completing the process of drilling a borehole for water on the recommended site. Water is life and this is especially true in the harsh desert climate of Turkana, where temperatures sore above 35C and the average annual rainfall is less than 350mm. In December 2010, the borehole was completed and the land prepared. Construction of the school buildings began in 2011 with the classrooms and latrines. Four classrooms have already been constructed; two classes each for Forms 1 and 2 (equivalent to Grades 9 and 10).

In 2012, three science laboratories were constructed, interspersed by two preparatory rooms, as well as the administration block, including the staff room, principal’s office, reeption, bursar’s office, and sick room.

In 2013, the crew constructed the girls’ dormitory and fitted the piping for the sinks in the science laboratories and preparatory rooms. The foundation of the boys’ dormitory was laid in 2013 and the dormitory construction completed in 2014.

The construction of the dining hall/kitchen began in 2015 and was completed in Jan 2016. Construction of the library/computer lab also began in 2015 and was completed in September 2016. In 2017, we started constructing the water tower, which will allow for distribution of potable water throughout the school campus. Once the water tower is completed, the focus for the remainder of 2018 will be on constructing a school fence. The construction of a power house and staff housing, as well as equipping the school is planned for next year.

Check out our proposed facility plan.