Boys’ dormitory (2014)

In Turkana, many students must walk hours on unsafe roads to get to and from school each day. The long trek is often completed in the dark, leaving students, especially girls, at risk of dangers like abuse. The newly constructed dormitories aim to reduce this risk and offer a safe and comfortable living space for students just steps away from their classrooms.

Girls’ dormitory (2013)

The girls’ dormitory was constructed during 2013 and is large enough to accommodate 80 female students. Construction of the boys’ dormitory (for the accommodation of 80 male students) on the opposite end of the school campus was completed in 2014. Each dormitory will be enclosed by a concrete wall (1m high), topped with a wrought iron fence (1m high). Shower blocks will also be constructed. Laundry areas with cement slabs for washing clothes and clothes lines will also be made available.