Facility plan

Proposed Facility Plan

Spanning 6 hectares (15 acres), the school’s campus will offer a safe and nurturing educational and living environment for students, as well as staff housing for teachers.

Classrooms and beyond
We plan to build eight classrooms accommodating 2 streams (classes) of Form 1 through 4 each. We also envision Nakwamekwi High to be equipped with 3 science laboratories (biology, physics, and chemistry).

To support learning beyond the classroom, Nakwamekwi High proposes to offer a library, computer lab, and sports field, including a football (soccer) pitch, outdoor basketball and netball court, a field court for volleyball and badminton, as well as a track field.

Administration block
The adminstration block is foreseen to be complete with a reception and visitor area, staffroom, Principal’s office, bursar’s office, as well as a sick room.

Dining Hall/Kitchen
The dining hall (800 m2) will serve a dual purpose; not only is it anticipated to be an eating area, but also an auditorium with a stage for school functions and/or community events. The kitchen is planned to be adjacent to the Dining Hall and linked to a vegetable garden on the school site which students will be involved in developing and maintaining.

Main store room
The main store room will house all the school equipment, extra furniture, cleaning equipment, dry food items, and schools supplies. A small canteen or mini-shop for student supplies (soap, sanitary supplies, batteries, toilet paper) is also envisioned.

Solar submersible pump
An analysis of our recently drilled borehole water indicates that the drilling yielded fresh water; thus, making the on-site borehole the source of water for the school. To manage the water needs of the school (anticipated not to exceed 10 m3) there are plans to install a solar-powered submersible pump which will pump the water up to an elevated storage tank (7m in height) that will flow via gravity to various sites interspersed throughout the school campus.

To manage the sanitation needs of the school, 6 school toilets and 1 urinal are planned, in addition to those in the dormitories and teachers quarters described below.

Two student dormitories for boys and two for girls, accommodating a maximum capacity of 80 students each, are planned to be located on opposite ends of the school campus, and each pair will be enclosed in a concrete wall. Inside each dormitory enclosure there will be 4 latrines and 8 shower rooms, as well as a laundry block and clothesline.

Staff quarters
We have planned staff quarters to accommodate 12 teachers and comprise an area of 50m2 per house, complete with a bedroom, kitchen, and living room, as well as an outdoor porch area. There will be a toilet and shower room for each pair of houses.